Income Investors Number One Goal:
Always Collect Cash!
– Michael Shulman

Trading Services

Options Income Blueprint

Get started selling options for income with my weekly Options Income Blueprint trading service where we sell weekly and monthly put options for rich cash premiums.

Reserve Your 60 Day No Hassle Test Drive and Get Instant Access to Options Income Blueprint for Just $79 TODAY!

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Advanced Trading and Coaching

Perpectual Income Portfolio

The ONLY Weekly Income Trading Program With An Exclusive 3-Stock Portfolio With ONE Goal: Getting YOU 25% to 35% Annual Income!

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Income Masters

The ultimate coaching and live trading program, my Income Masters group is the perfect way for you to tie all of my advanced income producing strategies together to generate serious profits through my weekly live trading and monthly intensive coaching sessions.

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Six Figure Portfolio Coaching

Six weeks of my interactive coaching and trading program that will teach you my proprietary “perpetual income engine” strategy combined with “live trading” sessions that put my strategy into practice and generate profits in your account.


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Training Programs

Perpetual Income Engine

My step-by-step self-paced training program that can transform your six figure portfolio into a perpetual income engine generating regular cash selling put and covered call options.

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Weekly Paycheck

Let me teach you my proven strategy you can use to turn every Friday into an extra “Payday” selling Weekly Put Options.

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Cash Call Generator

Learn about the “power” of selling weekly call options on stocks and ETFs that can help you create a more consistent, predictable, repeatable source of generating weekly cash.

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Win 98% of Your Trades

A simple tactic that Eliminate losing trades – or – double, triple or even quadruple your cash in hand from your options trades with a success rate of 98%.

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Weekend Cash

My “Weekend Cash” Training Program will introduce you to my simple 10-minute trading strategy that can put extra cash in your pocket every weekend.

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Double Dividend

Here is my simple, low-risk strategy to pay yourself a double dividend and collect an extra 5%, 10% or even 15% dividend yield from stocks paying measly 2, 3 or 4% dividends…

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Covered Call Training

Learn the basics of selling covered calls so you can learn to generate generous cash premiums.

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About Michael Shulman

If you’re a trader or income investor who is:

  • Tired of chasing high risk, high-yield investments that never work out…
  • Frustrated by shrinking bond yields, tiny dividends and 0% return on savings…
  • struggling to produce consistent income trading…
  • Who just needs to increase income from your portfolio

I can help YOU!

Hello, my name is Michael Shulman. Using my 30 years of experience as a trader, analyst and educator, I’ve developed low risk, high reward trading strategies that turns your income dream of financial security into a reality using weekly and monthly options to generate an extra “payday” – every week, every month or as often as you want to help you make the income YOU need.


This year my trading account is in the black for the first time in 10 years. Most of it due to your strategy and training. I have placed 14 trades selling puts, and have 100% positive trades.


I have already made more than enough to pay my subscription. Just the educational materials alone would have been worth your price, but the insight into effective rolling was priceless.

Dan S.

Options Income Blueprint is just what I was looking for. I’ve spent years trying to do this on my own and this class has cut years off my learning curve. Thank you. Thank you!

Cathy W.